Welcome to our new web site for our family of Lamination Assist Products for PCB Lamination.

The new year 2020 brings excitement to Matrix and it is our privilege to offer this exciting line for your consideration. Founded and manufactured in Europe, our "Lam Assist" products are industry comparable, commercially viable to current competitive alternatives and will continue to evolve into exceptional more exciting options for your Lamination needs. Feel free to bookmark our website as a “favorite” and monitor our updates as we move forward in our support of customer need.

Lamination assist is not new to Matrix and we pledge exceptional customer service and technical support as the new "Euro Assist" Product Line emerges bringing more exciting options for your lamination needs.

Peter R Decaneas
Product Manager


Designed to control heat lag and assist with pressure distribution during PCB lamination cycles

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Engineered with good release properties to assist with PCB lamination

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Highly conformable release film designed for use in flexible and rigid-flex PCB fabrication

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Poly-coated Press Pads, comprised of cellulose-fiber cores, with a release film adhered to both sides

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